“One might be led to suspect that there were all sorts of things going on in the universe which he or she did not thoroughly understand.”

-Kurt Vonnegut

Our editorial vision in the Many Worlds Collective demands that we question what is known or expected, just how reliable reality can be in a world where truth is curated for ideological factions. 

Our focus is not limited and our call goes beyond speculative fiction or whatever constraints may burden the genre. We therefore welcome powerful stories that span the spectrum. Bring us your tales from near and far, from the reality-adjacent to the distant wilds of myth—only make them great and memorable. Make them messy and forget the comforts of established truth, of reality, of existence. And do prepare your worlds for invasion.

We do not wish to limit writers with suggestions of what we’re looking for, but we do want to ensure that your story is a story and that it is dependent upon your speculative elements.

Please also familiarize yourself with Many Worlds and the Simulacra, and the myriad ways your work can fit into our concept here.

That said, go wild, wild, wild. The Simulacrum will do whatsoever it wills. None of our worlds are safe.

Fiction Submissions

We are open for business and accepting fiction submissions for both Anthology 2 and the Many Worlds Forum, respectively.

We are currently accepting invite-only submissions, and the process for submitting this way can be found here.

Word Count

  • The Many Worlds Collective is currently looking for short stories from 1,000 to 5,000 words in length. 
  • A word count over 5,000 is possible but should be negotiated beforehand.
  • Other forms of content (art, film, audio) may be acquired down the line, but the agreements will differ from those mentioned above.
  • When your story is ready, please submit to the Many Worlds Collective member that reached out to you. 
  • Your submission will then go through three stages of review. 
  • You will be informed soon after of your submissions status upon completion of the review process both by the Collective member that referred you as well as via email. 
  • Review times may vary from one week to three months.


You will receive eight cents per word for your story upon acceptance and a pro-rata share of the project’s earnings each year and for the life of the project, along with an invitation to join the Many Worlds Collective, which helps govern the project.

As a member of the Simulacrum, revenue will be broken down as follows.

  1. Forty percent of revenue will be paid to the artists in the Collective in each respective year (tied to their individual, respective word-count contributions for that year).
  2. Fifteen percent of revenue will be paid to Arcalumis Media Managerial and Editorial boards for work done each year.
  3. Forty five percent of revenue will be paid to the Collective’s project fund, which will go towards project expenses, yearly monetary awards (The Many Worlds Awards), etc.
  4. A pro-rata share of revenue will also be paid to the author contributions over the life of the project up to that point (also tied to word-count contribution).

Additional Note on Pay

  • While it is expected that artists will create original content for this project, reprinted content is also accepted from creators willing to add their story-worlds to the project. 

Reprints will be acquired for two cents per word but will be entitled to the same pro-rata share of revenue as previously unpublished work.

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