Notes on the Forum of the Simulacra

by Cadwell Turnbull

Members of the Forum of the Simulacra believe that the world has been copied many times by an entity of unknown origin for an unknown purpose. (Note: A god, a computer, a cosmic force? Ask Reviewer2038 about this. She(?) is sure to have some interesting ideas.) They call this entity the Simulacrum and its collection of worlds The Simulacra. The Simulacrum doesn’t just copy the world, it adjusts it, adds things to it, deletes other things. But its most terrifying power is its ability to alter meaning: to change what people care about or find interesting or the very relationship people have to things, to other people, to themselves. 

CrayonsAreChanging (8.29.2018.8:57PM): I have a sister now. Just walked out of a room that wasn’t there before. She’s nice, I guess.

LuckYNo15 (4.30.2017.12:04AM): No one likes Caramel Delights? How the fuck does no one like Caramel Delights? Apparently people aren’t buying them so they’re discontinuing? What the fuck? (Note: Caramel Delights were awful. Almost as bad as Thin Mints. Could this be group preferences masquerading as Mandela Effect? Follow up.)

JUDAHS4 (6.6.2018.2.09AM): Pretty sure Montana had a population of over a million. Now it’s 20,768. Weird. Also Hawaii is its own country now. 

It is impossible to tell if this is truly a mass delusion or belief system inventing its own mythology. Oldest posts on the site appear to be no different than recent ones. 

Neverender (4.20.2012.6:06PM): The house I grew up in now belongs to a very polite old couple. They said they’ve been living there for 37 years. I’m only 21, returning for summer break. They invited me in and showed me pictures of their time in the house. Asked me if I was sure. I was until I saw the pictures. Anyone else experience something like this?

TheLostSheepKing (two minutes later): I have. My childhood home is now a meadow. The town’s name has changed.

Colleen (same time): I woke up this morning in a different house. Parents are the same but the dog is different. Her name is Snowflake. She sits on the floor and stares at me and I don’t like it.

Twenty-seven posts on the names of cities changing, all in the first hour of website going up. By following day, over a hundred posts about missing people or people with changed personalities or people whose roles have changed. Teachers becoming neighbors. Mothers becoming aunts. One incident of a husband of several years disappearing and turning up as the mailman. Speed of posts were very alarming, and the genuine horror of them. 

Oddly only a few people have come to site without these experiences.

Simmons3 (7.23.2012.3:47PM): Are you guys for real?

FloWers (9.11.2014.8:18AM): You people are nuts.

Members of the forum respond to these inquiries with contempt. 

“Another sheep has stumbled their way onto the forum.” 

“Fuck off, sheeple.” 

Or philosophical musings: “Is it possible that the Simulacrum sends people here every once in a while to mock us? How do we know that what we know isn’t also to mock us? What if we wake up tomorrow and forget everything?” (Reminder: Get a direct quote with username and date.) 

It is genuinely eerie that more people don’t visit the site, but this can also be explained away, since there is only a couple dozen active members at any given time. Private conversations with members have proved fruitless. Everyone is fully committed to the ruse or they truly believe what they are saying. (More follow ups needed. Perhaps convince someone to meet in person?)

Yesterday, I was walking down the street at midday and a young woman pass me. I thought I recognized her so I turned around. When I did she was farther than I thought she should be, like the sidewalk had expanded between us. I considered calling out, but thought it would be strange; I didn’t know her by name even if I knew her. However, as if sensing me there, she also stopped and turned, in much the same way I had moments before. We watched each other as the crowd moved between us. 

“Do I know you?” she asked. 

Something about her voice startled me. I couldn’t breathe and I started feeling very hot. She was far enough away that when I turned and started running I was sure she wouldn’t be able to catch up. As I banked a corner, I heard her yell, “Mother?”

(Strange story. Follow up with Reviewer2038 about this.