Collective Growth

If you’d like to recommend an artist and their work to potentially join the Many Worlds Collective, here is the process for doing so.

Acquiring Talent

Collective members are encouraged to find other artists to bring into the Many Worlds Collective. We want to always have inclusion and diversity front of mind as we continue to grow. Consider the current make-up of the Collective when thinking about who to approach. Once you’ve isolated an artist you’d like to recommend, follow these steps.

  1. Reach out to the artist and point them to our established guidelines for content that fits within our conceptual framework. These guidelines are on our website, which can be found here.
  2. If the artist has work that they wish to submit (or has created something specifically with Many Worlds in mind), they can give the piece to you and you may submit it to the Collective via email or the #submissions channel on Discord.

Once a piece has been submitted to the Collective, it will go through a three-stage review process. In each stage, the reviewer will vote either Yes, No, or Workshop.

The Votes

If the reviewer votes Yes, then the piece is sent to the next review stage.

If the reviewer votes NO, then the piece is rejected and an email is sent to the artist with apologies from the Collective. The artist is encouraged to submit another piece.

If the reviewer votes Workshop, then the member referring the piece will return to the artist to discuss potentially workshopping the piece for possible acceptance.

In this scenario, the member may still be brought into the Collective, regardless of the piece’s acceptance.

If the artist agrees to workshop their piece, an official email will be sent welcoming them to the Collective.

Workshopping the piece is not a guarantee of publication, merely an investment in the artist.

Stages of Review

This will be the review workflow for a piece submitted to the Collective.


Collective Volunteer

In the first review stage, any member of the Collective (excluding the one recommending the piece) can volunteer to review the piece for quality and cohesion within Many Worlds. 

More than one member may volunteer to do this, and they can have differing opinions, which will inform the next review stage. 

Some consensus in this stage is encouraged before sending to the next review stage. 

In the event that consensus cannot be reached, the Editorial Manager or Creative Manager may intervene.


Editorial Manager

In the second review stage (if a piece is given an initial Yes vote), the Editorial Manager will review the piece. 

The same Yes, No, or Workshop vote process is used with all of the above details. 

If the Editorial Manager votes Yes, then the piece is sent to its final review stage.


Creative Manager

In the third and final review stage, the Creative Manager will review the piece. 

The same Yes, No, or Workshop vote process is used with all of the above details. 

If the Creative Manager approves the piece, an official email is sent with a contract for acquiring the piece.


Once the piece has cleared the final stage of review and a contract has been signed for the piece’s acquisition, the artist is welcomed into the Many Worlds Collective.